We help you generate the best value for each dollar invested in your infrastructure project.

Our expert advisors in strategic planning offer you:

  • A process for defining your needs precisely and establishing an action plan;
  • Identification, analysis and optimization of the risk transfer;
  • Analysis of the various possible performance modes for your project;
  • Strategies for generating the best value for money;
  • A process to evaluate the payment mechanisms and transaction processes and help you make the right choices;
  • Taking your infrastructure project’s entire life cycle into account to add value to your investment in the future.

Our expert advisors have an in-depth knowledge of the industry and the factors than contribute to the success of major public infrastructure projects.

This experience and our quality-based approach ensure you will generate the best value for money over the infrastructure’s life cycle.

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Patrick Vallerand

Patrick Vallerand

P. Eng., MBA, PMP, ECCQ, LEED AP, C.Med.

Principal Office Managing Partner

(418) 907-9357

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