We help the clients plan, estimate and control the costs of their project through a reliable method, so they can make decisions quickly and in full confidence.

Our expert advisors in planning, estimating and cost control help you to:

  • Obtain at alltimes during your project’s life cycle an accurate prediction of costs and deadlines;
  • Have access to the industry’s most reliable method to avoid budgeting errors and ensure an effective decision-making process for your investment portefolio;
  • Knowledge of relevant information, complementary to a database, to facilitate decision-making and evaluate multiple options;
  • Validate the estimates provided by other organizations or partners and assess them accurately.

Some projects

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Contact our expert advisor in planning, estimating and cost control to get an unbiased evaluation of your project based on decades experience.
Frédéric Boisvert

Frédéric Boisvert


Director of Planning, Estimation & Cost Control

(514) 394-7494

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