We help you plan, organize, manage and improve your project to deliver and even exceed the expected results, in compliance with your budget and your deadlines.

Our expert advisors in governance and project management offer you:

  • A team that quickly grasps your issues and understands the risk factors in which projects evolve;
  • Governance and communication strategies for your team and the many stakeholders, implemented from the start of the project to facilitate collaboration and problem solving;
  • A mindset focused on optimizing your project to meet client needs at the best cost;
  • Post-project review to identify the strengths and weaknesses for continuous improvement;
  • Training that covers various aspects of planning and performance of infrastructure and capital expenditure projects.

Our expert advisors support you in the deployment of strategies that ensure the right actions are taken by the right people, at the right time.

With our collaboration, your project will be well planned and controlled from beginning to end.

Our work method in governance and project management

1- Act on the root of the problems

From its initiation, a project’s organization is crucial to ensure success. However, it takes real skill and experience to put a finger on the real underlying the problems that jeopardize projects and then act quickly to identify and implement effective mitigating measures.

2- Detect and correct

One of the keys to effective management is to control quality. It is essential to use key performance indicators (KPI’s) to detect emerging trends and act quickly to correct the situation. Using appropriate indicators makes it possible to quickly identify mitigative measures, take corrective action and ensure their effectiveness.

Managing a project inefficiently affects team morale, undermines upper management’s confidence that the project will deliver actuel results, extends project schedule and becomes an overall major risk factor.

3- Maximize efficiency

Strategia Conseil’s unique approach in project planning and implementation consists of deploying the right resources at the right time in the right place and taking the right actions at the right time. This ensures that the projects are delivered on time, despite unexpected situations that arise, while limiting the impacts on your day-to-day operations.

4- Prioritize communication

We put communication at the heart of management. Our experts are inspired by best practices in management to develop and deploy communication mecanisms adapted to the project and to your organizational structure et culture.

Some projects

Contact our expert advisor directly

Contact our expert advisor in project governance and project management :
• if you lack key resources for your major project;
• if you need immediate action;
• if your project involves a level of complexity.

Arnaud Rogiez

Arnaud Rogiez


Office Managing Partner – Quebec City


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