Improve the profitability of your capital projects by optimizing cost management

Our independent expertise allows our clients to optimize cost management from the start to maximize profitability throughout the project’s life cycle.

The accuracy of cost estimates and CAPEX budgets significantly impacts the profitability of CAPEX projects and the optimization of sustaining projects.

As a result, Cost Management advisors with multiple energy, mining and metallurgical project experience are best suited to conduct such independent cost analyses.

Thanks to our rigorous methodology, our customers have the most accurate information to:

  • Identify the most promising project scope et delivery methods;
  • Optimize planning at each stage gate to avoid delays;
  • Control costs to prevent budget overruns;
  • Analyze and manage risks to ensure the success of capital projects.

Why deal with Cost Management Experts?

By working with independent advisors, your organization will have the right cost data to make the proper investment decisions and accelerate through the various stage gates of the feasibility study and throughout the various approval milestones.

We also support your organization from the planning to completion stages of the projects, including performing comparative cost analysis of the various solutions to optimize your investments.

Our approach systematically identifies potential risks, establishes mitigation measures and reduces overall impacts on your projects.

Our advisors act as representatives of the project owner, ensuring that the needs of the client and the project remain a priority at every step of the project.

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How do we work with your project team?

Capital and sustaining projects in operating production units require careful planning.

It is a collaborative approach and team effort by engineers, production unit operators and cost consultants.

That’s why our cost management advisors work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that every action is done by the right person at the right time to minimize wasted time, resources, and therefore costs.

Thanks to our cooperative approach and the fact that we understand fully what’s at stake for your organization, you will feel that we have always been part of your team.

Maximizing the return on investment of your capital projects

Our Cost Management advisors work with you to:
  • Plan, estimate and control the costs of your projects (Cost estimation – class 2 to 5), including preparing cost estimates and conducting estimate reviews with clients;
  • Develop and optimize timelines;
  • Monitor the progress and performance of your projects and propose corrective action;
  • Implement and management the change management process;
  • Monitor project risks.
Our independent perspective on project delivery allows us to advise our clients impartially and innovatively while always being project-oriented.

Let’s discuss your project together

Since 2012, we have been involved in the planning, costing and cost managing hundreds of projects in the energy sector, totalling approximately $ 50 M annually. For detailed information on past projects, contact us directly.

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    Frédéric Boisvert


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