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Is the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Agreement really the best solution for controlling costs?

With the mining industry facing significant productivity challenges, companies are under pressure to deliver their projects more and more efficiently and meet budget objectives. Owners have often used guaranteed maximum price contracts to “protect” their investment, notably in major mining projects. But is this the best way to control costs? This method of delivering projects […]
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Arrêt planifié des opérations

How can you improve the performance of your next industrial plant shutdown?

Are you planning to deploy a major asset maintenance program or replace major equipment?  A planned shutdown of operations may be required to maintain, inspect, replace, or upgrade equipment, or to connect new plant units.  If you have been involved in a major plant shutdown, it’s very likely that it didn’t go as planned.  40% of shutdowns result in cost or […]
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5 methods for resolving construction disputes

How much time did you spend managing conflicts at work this week? A study conducted in the United States reveals that employees spend an average of 2.8 hours a week managing conflicts (ref). Now imagine that you are directing a major construction project, with a high level of technical complexity, that requires the cooperation of […]
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