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Objectif projet construction

Defining the objectives of a construction project to maximize benefits

Did you know that your construction project and your next family vacation have several things in common?  You can’t start a trip without knowing its destination. The same principle applies to projects. You need to determine what the project is seeking to accomplish and how its success will be evaluated (1). Defining these objectives properly is essential to the success […]
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What is BIM technology?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) could be summarized as a 3D modeling technology. But in fact it is much more. It is a process that collects all the information on a project to create a complete data environment. For complex construction projects, this allows the design to be simplified on several levels. The models created are […]
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How to reduce construction delays with time contingencies

Even the fabulist Lafontaine understood an important principle for reducing construction delays on major projects. Slow and steady wins the race. This famous saying translates into a key point to remember: don’t rush into a project by skipping the planning stage. Planning: a crucial step to reduce construction delays This is Bent Flyvberg’s conclusion after […]
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5 methods for resolving construction disputes

How much time did you spend managing conflicts at work this week? A study conducted in the United States reveals that employees spend an average of 2.8 hours a week managing conflicts (ref). Now imagine that you are directing a major construction project, with a high level of technical complexity, that requires the cooperation of […]
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7 practices to avoid construction cost overruns

Construction cost overruns often make headlines. Between 2009 and 2013, $500 million was spent on excess costs for construction work on public projects, costs that could have largely been avoided with more rigorous management practices (reference). The cost overruns affect private sector construction projects just as much, for all countries combined. For the Chunnel, the […]
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